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How many times has your child tried to take alone a glass of milk or juice?🥛How many times did you have to clean the floor or the fridge because of bottles falling on the floor? 

With the Automatic Cap, kids can fill their own cereal bowl or get their own juice.
With the automatic cap dispenser, they are responsible, allowing them to help themselves quickly and easily without spilling anything.
Cap's powerful motor draws the drink up the super straw and out the spout without spilling a drop.
It works on most non-carbonated beverages, making it perfect for milk, juice, water, and sports drinks.
The Automatic Cap is battery-powered so you can use it anywhere, any time. (Requires two AA batteries, not included)
Your kids, and their friends, can get their own drinks - perfect for birthday parties, sporting events, and lemonade stands.
It's so much fun and easy to use, everyone will want to help themselves. Touch the glass on the trigger and watch it fill as if by magic.

😍 You and your friends will love using the Automatic Cap!!! 😍

No more spills or dripsKids can get their own drinks
No more lifting heavy drink containers
Powerful battery operated motor (two AA batteries)
Universal cap that fits most container
It can easily be cleaned with a hot water
In the last month we have had a very large demand for this product. Due to this hight demand please allow a total of 1-3 weeks for this product to arrive at your doorstep.